L.to R. Cedric McBurney, Judge, Philip Neill, (Best Border, Best Novice,)John Furley,(Best Champion), Geoff Qua, Judge.  













All Ireland All Border Show October 2014


Tom Furley Memorial Show

David Sommerville, Best Border, Best Champion, 10th Best Border.

John Furley, 2nd Best Border,

5th Best Border, 8th Best Border.

Sorry No Picture Available


Norman Courtenay, 9th Best Border



Jimmy McDougall, 7th Best Border, Best Novice





Colm Southern, 3rd Best Border,

6th Best Border.  

Paul Glennon, 4th Best Border












All Ireland All Border Open Championship Show.  January 2015

Mick Jurik, Judge, Linden Evans,

Best Border,Best Champion, Ron Sillitoe, Judge.

Paul Glennon, 2nd Best Border.  

John Furley, 3rd Best Border,

also 6th,7th &.8th Best Borders.

Gary Marshall, 9th & 10th Best Borders

Philip Neill's 5th Best Border, Best Novice

Cyril Guildea, 4th Best Border.

Some Italian visitors at our January Show

Paul Glennon, Best Border, Best Champion,

3rd Best Champion.

Susan & Tracey Furley with their dad John's 2nd Best Border.

Joe & Luke Walsh, Best Novice, 2nd Best Novice, 3rd Best Novice.  



Young Stock Show 2015



































































Winners at our January 2016 Show

John Furley  2nd Best, 4th Best,

9th and 10th Best Borders

Noel Hendrick of Hendrick & Nolan Partnership, 6th Best Border

Norman Courtenay, Best in Show with judges C.Britton(left) & John Ireland(right)

Jim Harvey 3rd & 5th Best Border

Judges C. Britton and J. Ireland being presented with mementoes by President J. Patterson

Joe McClean(left)7th Best Border & Best Novice, Craig Hewitt(right) 8th Best Border & 2nd Best Novice.  

Young Stock Show 2016

L.to R: Joe & Luke Walsh(Best Novice, 2nd Best Novice), Robbie Bennett(Judge)Cyril Guildea(Best in Show, Best Champion, 3rd Best Champion)

Sean Smyth(3rd Best Novice),

with judge Robbie Bennett

John Furley(2nd Best Champion) with judge Robbie Bennett

President Tony Finn thanking judge Robbie Bennett for his efforts

President Tony Finn congratulating Cyril Guildea, Best in show.

All Ireland All Border Show 70th Anniversary Show - October 2016

Jim McTaggart(Best in Show)with judges Pompeo Mattia, Valentino Cherubini & Paolo Soban

McTaggart & Anderson's Best in Show

Cyril Guildea(7th Best Border)


Paul Glennon with judges(2nd, 6th &10th Best Border)

John Furley(4th&8th Best Border) with judges

IJudges Valentino Cherubini. Pompeo Mattia, Paollo Soban with I.B.F.C.C. President Tony Finn

Luke & Joe Walsh(Best Novice Border)

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