Annual All Ireland All Border Show


Cyril Hackett Memorial Show

19th and 20th October 2019

Main Results

Best Border in Show                        Paul Glennon


Best Champion Border                    Paul Glennon

2nd Best Champion Border             John Furley

3rd Best Champion Border              David Somerville

4th Best Champion Border             Colm Southern

5th Best Champion Border             Tom O'Keeffe

6th Best Champion Border              John Furley

7th Best Champion Border             John Furley

Best Novice Border in Show           Stephen Kinghorn

2nd Best Novice Border                   Stephen Kinghorn

3rd Best Novice Border                    Craig Hewitt

4th Best Novice Border                   Joe & Luke Walsh

5th Best Novice Border                  John Procter

6th Best Novice Border                  Ashley Armstrong

7th Best Novice Border                  Stephen Kinghorn





































Annual Young Stock Show

September 15th 2019



Best Border in Show         Special & Rosette       John Furley


Best Champion                      Special & Rosette   John Furley 

2nd Best Champion Border Special & Rosette   John Furley

3rd Best Champion Border  Special & Rosette   John Furley


Best Novice Border                Special & Rosette Sean Smyth

2nd Best Novice Border        Special & Rosette Sean Smyth

3rd Best Novice  Border        Special & Rosette Sean Smyth          


















Annual All-Ireland Open Border Show


20th &21st October 2018


Tommy Cully Memorial show


                                    Main Results


 Best in Show  : John Furley


Best Champion              John Furley

2nd best champion        John Furley

3rd    "        "                      John Furley

4th    "        "                      Cyril Guildea

5th    "        "                      John Furley

6th    "        "                      Burrows & Miller

7th    "        "                      Cyril Guildea



Best Novice                    Maurice McKenzie

2nd Best Novice            Maurice McKenzie

3rd   "        "                      Joe & Luke Walsh

4th   "        "                      Craig Hewitt

5th   "        "                       Bobby Kincaid

6th   "        "                       Craig Hewitt

7th   "        "                       John Procter



                                          Champion                   Novice

Best 3/4 Dark                  Burrows & Miller         Joe & Luke Walsh

Best Green                      Dave Whitty                 None

Best Cinnamon              David Sommerville    Craig Hewitt

Best White                      John Furley                  Maurice McKenzie 










Young Stock Show

Sunday 16th October 2018


Best in Show:         John Furley

Best Champion:     John Furley

2nd Best Champion: Tom O'Keeffe

3rd Best Champion:   Tom O'Keeffe

Best Novice:                 Philip Brady

2nd Best Novice:         Joe & Luke Walsh

3rd Best Novice:           Philip Brady



































Annual Show October 2017

Main Awards

Best Border in Show    John Furley

Best   Champion    John Furley

2nd Best "               Cyril Guildea

3rd Best  "               Cyril Guildea

4th Best "               Dave Whitty

5th Best "               Tom O'Keeffe

6th Best "               John Furley

7th Best "               Dave Whitty

Best Novice           Craig Hewitt

2nd Best Novice   Donnachadh O'Donovan

3rd Best  "             Stephen Kinghorn

4th Best "              John Proctor

5th Best "              John Proctor

6th Best "              Maurice McKenzie

7th Best "             R. &C. Vage

Other Awards

                                        Champion            Novice

Best Flighted                 John Furley           Craig Hewitt

Best Unflighted            John Furley            D.O'Donovan

Best Unfl. Close            Cyril Guildea          R.&C. Vage


Best Opp. Sex              Dave Whitty            Stephen Kinghorn

Best Clear Yellow        Tom O'Keeffe          John Proctor

Best clear  Buff            Tom O'Keeffe          Gary Craig

Best Lt. Var.Yellow     John Furley             Craig Hewitt

Best Lt. Var.Buff          Tom O'Keeffe         John Proctor

Best Hvy.Var               Cyril Guildea          Stephen Kinghorn

Best Three Parts Dark John Furley          Craig Hewitt

Best Green                 David Sommerville D.O'Donovan

Best Cinnamon         Cyril Guildea           D.O'Donovan

Best White                 Alan Telford           Sean Smyth

Best 4Nom.Birds       John Furley            Michael Grace










Young Stock Show

September 2017




Best in Show: Cyril Guildea

Best Champion : Cyril Guildea

2nd Best Champion: John Furley

3rd Best Champion: Cyril Guildea

Best Novice: Donnachadh O'Donovan

2nd Best Novice: "                "


3rd Best Novice "                   "








All Ireland All Border Show

January 2017

Main Awards


Best Border in show  David Sommerville


2nd  Best Border       David Sommerville


3rd    "       "                Eamonn Grant


4th    "       "                Craig Hewitt

5th   "        "                David Sommerville

6th  "         "                John Furley

7th "          "                Craig Hewitt

8th "          "                Craig Hewitt

9th "          "                David Sommerville

10th"         "               John Furley



Best Champion                      David Sommerville

"         "               Clear Yellow Philip Neill

"        "                     

"        "                Clear Buff     Paul Glennon 

"        " Lt.Var.Yellow              Norman Courtenay

"        " "    "     Buff                  Eamonn Grant

"        " Hvy.   Var.                   David Sommerville

"         " Three Parts Dark       David Sommerville

"         " Green                         David Sommerville

"        " Cinnamon                  Philip Neill

"        " White                          John Furley



     Best  Novice Craig Hewitt

2nd "      "               "           "

3rd "       "               "           "

Best Novice Clear Yellow  Pat Carville

"       "            "        Buff       Craig Hewitt

"      "             Lt. Var. Yellow "     "

"      "             Lt Var. Buff      "      "

"     "             Hvy. Var           "      "

"     "            Three Parts Dark "    "

"     "            Green                  "      "

"    "             Cinnamon          Philip Brady

"    "             White                  Craig Hewitt






Young Stock Show September 2016

Best in show             Cyril Guildea

Best Champion           Cyril Guildea    

 2nd Best Champion  John Furley

3rd Best Champion   Cyril Guildea


Best Novice                Joe & Luke Walsh

 2nd Best Novice       Joe & Luke Walsh

3rd Best Novice         Sean Smyth                             


70th Anniversary Show October 2016

Main Awards

Best in Show  McTaggart & Anderson


2nd " " " Paul Glennon

3rd  " " "   Brian Underwood

4th " " "   John Furley

5th " " "   Colin Farrell


6th " " " Paul Glennon 

7th " " " Cyril Guildea


8th " " " John Furley

9th "  " "Brian Underwood

10th " " "Paul Glennon  




Best Champion McTaggart & Anderson


Best Champion Flighted " " "


Best Champion Unfl. & Close Rung: Paul Glennon


Best Champion Unflighted Opp.Sex:John Furley

Best Champion Clear Yellow: Paul Glennon

Best Champion Clear Buff:  Brian Underwood

Best Champion L.T.Var. Yellow: Colin Farrell


Best Champion L.T. Var Buff: Brian Underwood


Best Champion Hvy.Var: Cyril Guildea


Best Champion Three Parts Dark: McTaggart & Anderson

Best Champion Green: Paul Glennon

Best Champion Cinnamon: Philip Neill

Best Champion White: John Furley

Best 4 Nominated Champion Birds: Philip Neill


Best Novice Border: Joe & Luke Walsh


2nd Best Novice:  Pat Carville


3rd Best Novice: Joe & Luke Walsh

Best Novice Flighted: Joe & Luke Walsh

Best Novice Unflighted & Close Rung: Joe & Luke Walsh

Best Novice Unflighted Opp. Sex:Joe McClean                 

Best Novice Clear Yellow: Pat Carville


Best Novice Clear Buff:Gary Craig


Best Novice Lt. Var.Yellow: Joe & Luke Walsh


Best Novice Lt. Var. Buff:       "      "    "    "    


Best Novice Hvy. Var:                 Joe McClean


Best Novice Three Parts Dark:      "     "

Best Novice Green:               "       "


Best Novice Cinnamon: Gary Craig

Best Novice White: Ciaran Kelly

Best 1st Year Novice: Gary Craig

Best 4 Nominated Novice Birds: Maurice McKenzie


























































































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